How to Spend more Time Outdoors in Autumn?

hiking in autumn

Being in the fresh air is healthy. And in summer it’s fairly easy. But what to do when the weather cools down, rain becomes a more frequent guest and all you want to do is to snuggle under your blanket in front of the fire place?

Well, get over yourself!

There is a plenty of fun things to do in autumn.

Like what, you may ask? Well, continue reading and you will find out.


Travelling is fun no matter the season. In autumn your possible destinations might be less touristy and pricey. And tickets to travel are often discounted since less people are travelling this season. So, take the opportunity and get away for a while.

Attend autumn fairs

Autumn doesn’t only bring apples and pumpkins. To present various autumn goodies, most towns are organizing fairs. You can buy delicious things and hand-made crafts while drinking hot cider and having a stroll through fully covered stands, tempting you to buy a thing or two.


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Read outside

Who said you cannot snuggle in your blanket outside? While the weather is not too cold or humid, you can take your blanket, a book/kindle, and read outside. Fresh air + food for thoughts = nice autumn afternoon.

Play games

Same principle: take your phone or ipad and go outside (power bank can also be a perk). You might not be able to bring your craps table with you but there are plenty games you can enjoy from your smartphone. Including the ones that can make you some money.


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Try horseback riding

If you are in more active pastimes, why not going to the closest stables and trying (or just enjoying if you tried before) horseback riding? It’s fun, outdoors, and a perfect activity for autumn.


Once again, if you are up for more active leisure, spend a weekend hiking. Choose a shorter trail if you want to come back same day or turn it to weekend hiking and camping trip if you want to hike/see/experience more. Autumn weather is perfect for such activities as the weather is still nice but not too hot to start sweating and swearing after the first mile…


What activities outdoors would you add to your autumn bucket list? Make sure to let me know and meanwhile remember – there is no bad weather (or season). As long as you think positive and don’t stay home 24/7 binge watching Game of Thrones, you will have fun. No offence to GoT though.

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